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SBJ  International  Technical and Scientific Bioenergy 

Research Centre  Paris ™  since 1980 


Research into Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Quantum physics are the base of the

ACMOS METHOD an original approach created by  Dr René Naccachian PhD.

 The Acmos Method is a 21st Century Technique of  GLOBAL ENERGY BALANCE.

The Acmos Method  use resonance techniques to communicate  with the "Energy body"  to find solutions for the "Matter Body"

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The aim of the ACMOS METHOD is to strengthen the body's  natural capacity to self-heal and self-manage 

Strong Points of the ACMOS GLOBAL ENERGY Balance :

  • Personalised Acmos Global Energy Balances 

  • Identifiying deep root cause of energy blockages

  • Identifying and regulating , ('Vibrational missing coherences or 'Harmonies' '  .                                   

  • Using the Acmos instruments to measure and regulate energy flow in the Meridians

  • Identifying and neutralizing environmental disturbances (Radiation, computer, Wifi..)

Benefits of the Acmos Energy Balance 

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Acmos Story

ACMOS, SBJ International Technical and Scientific Bioenergy Research Centre

was founded in 1986  by  Dr. René Naccachian PhD.

After 30 years of Research , Dr Naccachian found a parallel link between natural 'Vibrational Science ' and Eastern Medicine and developed the Acmos Method  

The Method is an original approach, combining Eastern energy medicine with Quantum physics. Acmos scientific instruments are used to measure and regulate energy fields radiating through and flowing in the body's energy channels.   The Acronym of Acmos is:  Analysis of the Compability of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy

Dr Naccachian research started Scientifically and evolved to Quantum, 

Metaphysic and Bioenergetic


SCIENTIFIC ACMOS ( 1970 - 80s): Scientific instruments were conceived and developed to measure and stimulate the acupuncture points and energy circuits.  


Extracting energetic information  from the subject’s body through quantum physics  questioning techniques was developed . Ayurvedic medicine, TCM and diverse other remedies  were added to the method 



The measurement of the wavelength of the human inner polarity (1.1) connecting  all humans was discovered:  This enabled vibratory distance treatment to be accomplished 

ACMOS Vibratory products were developed


The scientific, quantum and metaphysical ACMOS techniques have now  blended and still evolving into thepractical ACMOS Method of Energy Balancing through analysis and resonance.



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